WordPress Site Transfer Guide

Its Easy Once You Know How!

1. Create folder on desktop to hold all files
2. Access cPanel for both source AND destination
3. Source select and compress all items to be moved into single zip file (site zip)
4. Source in phpMyadmin, export database in sql format
5. Destination Upload site zip
6. Destination While site zip is uploading, create database and note name, username & password
7. Destination after upload is complete, un-zip site file [makes sure all files are in root]
8. Destination open wp-config.php file and edit db name, username & password to new ones
9. Open Source database in text editor (Notepad++) and find & replace Source URL with Destination URL
10.Destination Import edited database tables into new database
11. Uncross fingers and refresh browser

Video One Introduction (2:46 minutes)
Video Two Covers Steps 3 & 4 (3:19 minutes)
Video Three Covers Steps 5 & 6 (2:27 minutes)
Video Four Covers Steps 7 & 8 (1:20 minutes)
Video Five Covers Steps 9, 10 & 11 (3:19 minutes)

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