You Tube 101 – Learn how to drive massive traffic from YouTube to whatever it is you want to promote!

With the HUGE amount of Free Traffic on YouTube, you can make a ton of money in a very short amount of time. You can do this even if youve never made a video before. Youre going to learn how to be a successful video marketer in no time at all. By the end of this course, youre going to be a real pro at YouTube Marketing, and youll be able to drive lots of traffic and make great money only

In This Video You Learn

  • Introduction
  • Why YouTube?
  • What to Promote on YouTube?
  • Creating a YouTube Account
  • Outsourcing Your Videos on Fiverr
  • Creating Controversial Viral Videos
  • Why People Click on Certain Videos and Not Others
  • Choosing What to Promote on YouTube with Buyer Intention Keyword
  • Creating High Converting Scripts
  • Adding Impacting Review to Your Video Scripts
  • Creating High Converting Video Presentations
  • Getting Free Images for Your Videos
  • Creating Videos with Free and Paid Software
  • Naming the Channel with Keywords
  • Uploading Videos /Adding Title / Descriptions / Tags
  • Uploading Videos / Adding Title / Description / Tags
  • Finding Your Video RSS Feed
  • Pinging Videos for Quick Indexing
  • Driving Traffic to Your Videos
  • Posting Your YouTube Videos on Facebook
  • Course Recap

You Tube 101

4.49 USD